disappointed w/ default POIs... but i found a way to build your own POIs


FYI... posting this in case anybody was searching the internet (and couldn't find) a good way to build their own POI database...

Background: So, I carry this old-school yellow pages around in the car. Phone numbers, addresses. My TomTom has a very poor POI set with addresses (and ph numbers, too? can't remember, maybe that's my magellan)... anyway...

So, I'm thinking, what I need is an electronic yellow pages w/ GPS capability... a true marriage between the yellow/white pages... something better than the sucky POIs that are baked in...

You can make Street atlas 2008 plus (w/ phonebook) export yellow *and* white pages entries WITH (unbelievably) longitutde/latitude info. Apparently, this is what the more $$$ expensive (like $1000 more) products do.
So, you use SA2008 to export phonebook entries into an M$ Access database format. Then you can use Access to build an extract to Excel/CSV from which you can use some standard POI editor to actually make the POI file.
(Or, if you're a programmer, you can use COM/ADO to open the MDB/DDS file. You don't really *need* access to read an Access-file.)

Anyway, the catch is that SA2008 can only do 1000 phone book entries at a time. As painful as that is (doing a whole zip code in batches of 1000), that's still pretty freaking cool.

Info on the procedure is here http://ericstupidcrap.blogspot.com/

Hope this helps someone.


Ok, I will have to try this being the geek that I am.

Nice Find

That's a pretty nice find. I'll have to give that a whirl as some of my local POIs are a little dated.

I did find the POI/phone number feature helpful when i was out of town and ran out of a prescription. I called a pharmacy ahead and got the process started, was ready when I passed through... Sweet!

Going to look at Streets & Trips and see what it has.

would anyone like to share a

would anyone like to share a POI list?


I think your basic problem is that Magellan and TomTom on their older models only had around 1.5 million POI'S if that many. Garmims have over 6 million. It may be less expensive and be much less labor and brain intesive to just buy a new Garmin....

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Also, sharing copyrighted data without permission is absolutely frowned upon here.

Plus we've got TONS here freely available.


Motorcycle Mama wrote:

Also, sharing copyrighted data without permission is absolutely frowned upon here.

How do you define copyrighted data? If company ABC puts out a csv file of all the Starbucks locations, are you telling me I can't go and create a file of the same Starbucks locations regardless how the data was obtained?

Most Internet pages have a copyright disclaimer at the bottom of the page, if we then copy and paste the address of the business into a csv file are we violating the law?

If that is the case we better tell Miss POI to delete the majority of the POIs in this site for copyright infringement since the majority of the POIs were gather from Yellow Pages, Internet pages and so on, doubt that all the contributors here actually obtained the information on their knowledge.

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Perhaps I misread the OP. I assumed that the user was exporting the information out of the built in database of the SA program and sometimes supplementing it will information from the yellow pages. It's the first part not the second part that would be a concern.