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Is there a POI file for Target stores in the USA? How hard is it to make one and how would you go about starting a POI for this?


POI file

Check out the FAQ and Help section and it will explain very well how to create a POI file. The only real difficulty is to find out the physical address of the various Target Stores and then get the decimal equivalent of their latitude and longitude.

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Target POI

I am having JM make a POI Type for Target to add to our active project database. Let me know if you would like to be a contributor and help build this file. I will be adding a topic to the orgainized projects forum so that we can keep track of who is doing what.

Miss POI


iceman. somewhere in my travels i found exactly what you are asking about. it is a csv file with over 1700 target locations in 47 states anbd also came with the bmp file. I am still new to this but as soon as I figure out how to share my info ill let you know.

Target's POI's


I just downloaded from another website a list of the Target stores. It's in the CSV & GPX format. If you are interested I would be glad to supply the link or the files.


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Michael, If I correct in

If I correct in what I am about to say, that it is a standard policy amongst GPS sites that you allowed to d/l any of the various POI's you desire but unless you have permission from that site to upload to another site, its a no no, and that site is suppose to remove any POI's that were uploaded from other sites, unless it was your own creation and then you can upload to any site you desire to since you created it.

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Your Correct

Your Correct that is why I didn't upload the file here as I didn't want anyone to get into trouble. If your interested in the link then just send me an email.


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Target Stores


I just purchased a Garmin 350 and am still getting acquainted with it. I have discovered that there is a Target right down the street from where I live that is not in the GPS unit though and would like to update it. I am new to the whole GPS thing and haven't added any POI's yet, would it be possible to explain how this is done as well.

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If you click on the getting started and faqs links at the top of each page, there is detailed instructions on how to download the files to your computer and then how to use Garmin's POI Loader software (which you need to download and install on your computer) to load them to your GPS unit.

Here is the Target page.