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I've noticed a problem with the proximity alerts on my Garmin Zumo 450. The problem being that I will only get camera warnings going one direction through an intersection.

Let me make myself more clear. Lets say that the intersection of Brainerd Rd (the main road) and Moore Rd (the cross street) have a camera. If I travel down Brainerd Rd in either direction, I get a warning. If however, I come down Moore Rd, approaching the cameras to make a right or left turn onto Brainerd Rd then I get NO warnings - not until after I have turned onto brainerd rd.

This is not the only intersection this happens with, It's ALL. When approacing an intersection with the intent to make a left or right onto the major road, I get no warning until I enter onto the major road (and in the middle of the intersection)

Any ideas or possible suggestions?

Zumo 450, Mac user


I did a little investigation and it looks like I had the coordinates a bit off center. I have sent you a fixed file, go ahead and check it out and let me know if that helps.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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I converted the red light file to gpx format and then loaded that into mapsource. Once in mapsource I selected the waypoints (camera locations) and set a .25 mile proximity alert saved that as a gpx and then used POI loader to load them to the Zumo.

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Thank you Ms. POI! I never

Thank you Ms. POI! I never received the file, but this error happens with every intersection. I will try converting to GPS and setting the proximity to .25mi and see if that cures it. Thanks again for everything!

- jeremy

Zumo 450, Mac user