Nuvi 680 Quit working


My Nuvi 680 quit working would not get a signal so I took it back to Best Buy today and they gave me a brand new one still in the box.......this is the second new one I got in less then a year....I bought the 4 year extra warranty and I sure am glad I did....has anyone else had the same problem? I sure love Best Buy


My 680 has worked like a charm for the 3-4 months I've had it and I use it actively for 10-12 hours a day... No problems as of yet, thankfully, because I did not buy the full replacement warranty at Best Buy.


Nuvi 680

Kerry you are so lucky.......that yours is still working........not sure what the problem is but I think last time I checked on here some other people were having the same problem as me......but hopefully they fixed the you update yours online?

I run

I run the webupdater on it every so often, i think it's had one firmware and one msn traffic update since it was new, none have been available since.It's been a good unit for me.