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Loading POIs to a Trucker Tablet

Jgermann came across a thread on Rand McNally POIs. Thought this ought to be in FAQs.

Credit is given to skulldrinker for the instructions

skulldrinker wrote:

MK 03/08/2016
View Hidden Files/Folders on The Tablet
1. Turn on the Tablet.
2. On Main Screen tap on the (9) squares in the upper right.
3. Click on the Icon called “File Manager.”

How do I Transfer Address Book From Garmin To Rand McNally?

Download and Install Extra POI Editor.
Available at: http://turboccc.wikispaces.com/Extra_POI_Editor

Plug Garmin into Computer.

Copy Current.gpx from the GPX folder on the Garmin to Desktop
Unplug the Garmin

Open Current.gpx using Extra POI Editor

In Extra POI Editor Options set the Options > Preferences
• GPX Output
o Encoding to UTF-8
o Line Break to Pipe

Rand McNally CSV Format

Rand McNally CSV Format

(Disclaimer: I do not own a Rand McNally and am getting my information from the internet. I am doing so because I took over some POI files that had been "orphaned" and they had both Garmin and Rand McNally files. Bear in mind I am learning as I go, but hope to provide information that will be useful to others)

POI Files | Why do CSV files have an Excel icon?

Microsoft Excel can read .csv files, but so can many other programs. When Excel is installed on your computer, it automatically associates the .csv extension with Excel. This is why the files show with an Excel icon.

If you look closely at the icon, you'll notice it's slightly different than the icon that's normally used for Excel spreadsheets / workbooks.