Loading POIs to a Trucker Tablet


Jgermann came across a thread on Rand McNally POIs. Thought this ought to be in FAQs.

Credit is given to skulldrinker for the instructions

skulldrinker wrote:

MK 03/08/2016
View Hidden Files/Folders on The Tablet
1. Turn on the Tablet.
2. On Main Screen tap on the (9) squares in the upper right.
3. Click on the Icon called “File Manager.”
4. Click on the (3) dots on the bottom right.
5. Click on (Bottom Right) Settings.
6. Look for “Show Hidden Files/Folders” and to the right click on the empty box.
7. Click on the “House” at the bottom of the screen.
Turn on USB Storage
1. On Main Screen tap on the (9) squares in the upper right.
2. Click on the Icon called “Settings.”
3. Look for “Storage” and click on it.
4. In the upper right click on the (3) dots.
5. Click on “USB Computer Connection.”
6. Look for “USB Large Storage” and on the right, click on the box.
7. Click on the “House” at the bottom of the screen.
Creating POI Folders and Importing .CSV Databases
1. Connect the USB cable to the Tablet side (Not splice.)
2. You should see a screen show with the Green Android.
3. On the Bottom right click on “Turn on USB Storage.”
4. “Turn on USB Storage” should pop up, click “OK.”
5. The Android man should be Orange now.
6. On your computer you may have an Explore window pop up.
MK 03/08/2016
7. If you do not, the open an Explore window on your computer.
8. Looking at the External Drives you should see one called “TNDT80.”
9. In the Directory you will see a folder called “.Navi”.
10. Open the folder called “.Navi”.
11. Note – if the Tablet screen times out, do not worry your connection is still valid.
12. You will see the Folder called “RM”.
13. Double click on the RM folder.
14. You will create the following folders. (No spaces)
a. ImportAlert
i. IE – Red Light cameras, etc.
ii. Will only announce Alert.
b. ImportPOI
i. IE – POI’s.
ii. Will announce what you put in columns after the Lat/Long.
15. Copy your .CSV file(s) into the folder you desire in step 15.
16. If your Tablet “timed out”, then simply short press the power button to bring back to full status.
17. Bottom right, click on “Turn off USB Storage.”
18. Press the “House” at the bottom of the Tablet.
19. Press the Truck GPS Icon.
20. Make sure your Tablet is connected to a power source.
21. You will see a screen that shows “New Database Available For Importing.”
22. Press bottom left “Start Import.”
23. Once they are Imported you should see the number of records “Read” and “Failed”.
24. Press “Close.”
25. Press “Close” on “Import Complete.”
26. To determine the “Failed” records and correct them, reconnect the Tablet back to the Computer following steps 1-14.
27. If you put the .CSV file under “ImportPOI”, open that folder up and you will see an “ImportPOI_ErrorLog.txt” file.
MK 03/08/2016
28. Open this file to see the “failed” record(s).
(Sample) - Record not imported: ,,"AMBASSADOR BRIDGE/DETROIT, MI",US 313-443-0368,"24 HRS, NO HAZMAT, NEXUS"
29. Look at your .CSV database and compare the failed record to the ones that imported correctly. Usually it is missing spaces, formatting not correct, or in the “Sample” the Long/Lat are missing, by the two Commas’ at the beginning.
30. Normally I import each .CSV by themselves till all records import correctly. For Example –
a. Import one .CSV by itself till all records import correctly.
b. Delete the RM/User/MyCustomPOI.db.
c. Import the next .CSV by itself till all records import correctly.
d. Delete the RM/User/MyCustomPOI.db.
e. Etc, etc
31. Once all your .CSV’s import correctly Delete the RM/User/MyCustomPOI.db.
32. Now move all your .CSV’s into the correct ImportPOI or ImportAlert folder and follow step 17-25.

skulldrinker wrote:

Looks confusing as heck but it all boils down to a few steps. Turn the tablet USB Storage to "ON" make the two folders and copy your files to the folder you want. Then turn off USB storage and open the GPS app.

I'm guessing the two might be identical Trucker Tablet & RV Tablet.

I made two folders. I put my Red Light camera file in the "Alert" folder ( Step 14 ) so it alerts you when you approach the intersection. If you put it in the POI folder it will alert you when you are in the area. Not want you want when you are not even on that street..

I also have Low Viaduct clearance alerts in my "Alert Folder"