How do I Transfer Address Book From Garmin To Rand McNally?


Download and Install Extra POI Editor.
Available at:

Plug Garmin into Computer.

Copy Current.gpx from the GPX folder on the Garmin to Desktop
Unplug the Garmin

Open Current.gpx using Extra POI Editor

In Extra POI Editor Options set the Options > Preferences
• GPX Output
o Encoding to UTF-8
o Line Break to Pipe
• CSV Output
o Line Break to Pipe
o Check “Remove Column Header”
• Other preferences can be set per instructions on Poi Factory

Save Current as a 4 column CSV file on the desktop: Current.csv (The default fields in Extra POI Editor work.)

Open Current.csv in WordPad or some other text editor
• Columns 1 and 2 are the GPS coordinates of the address book entry.
• Column 3 is the name of the POI and Column 4 is the address, comments, phone number, etc with items separated by commas and pipes (Line Break).
• Columns 3 and 4 must be surrounded by double quotes.
• When I did this today, column 4 was in quotes column 3 was not.

To add quotes to column 3:
Open Current.csv in Excel and add quotes to each entry in column 3 per instructions from:
She says:
This can be a big damn deal if you have hundreds of fields. No one wants to add this by hand. Fortunately, the solution is a snap! It all has to do with applying specific formatting to your cells.
• Highlight the cells you want to add the quotes.
• Go to Format –> Cells –> Custom
• Paste or enter the following into the “Type” field: ”@” (That is: double quote at sign double quote)
Lena says use doublequote singlequote singlequot doubleqoute atsign doublequote singlequote singlequote doubleqoute but it worked for me with the shorter format. Perhaps because I'd set the column to Text format first.)

• Click “okay”
• Be happy you didn’t do it all by hand.

Save the file as Current1.csv

Open Current1.csv in Wordpad or your text editor to be sure the quotes came through correctly.

Connect the Rand McNally to your computer.
Dock Opens.

Select POI Import
Select Address Book
Select Current1.csv from the Desktop
Transfer is complete

Close Dock and disconnect the Rand McNally

Restart the Rand McNally. It will detect that a POI file has been transferred and will ask permission to load it. Let it load. Double check everything.