TTS Doesn't Know Left or Right To Enter Freeway


I am new to GPS, just got a Gramin 650 few months ago. When I set my GPS to TTS mode, it always say "Take left or right onto I-xxx East" for every freeway entrance in here. When I change to Non TTS mode, it know the freeway entrance is on left or right, for the same freeway entrance. Does the more expense GPS has this problem? I can live with this problem for freeway exit, but if I am driving on a busy street, somethime it is hard to cut to the lane that lead to the freeway entrance.


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I don't quite understand your question. I've been using my 260 for 3 weeks now, and for a 2200 mile trip from Denver to SW Florida. It piloted me through many complex freeway interchanges, some with left exits, some with right exits, but the GPS did all of them flawlessly with TTS and map view.

If I wanted an early warning on which way I needed to turn, I would just tap the "Turn in" indicator on the lower right corner of the screen to see the next turn split screen. The voice then tells me what the next turn is, even if it is 200 miles away. grin

So what exactly is it that yours seems to be doing wrong?

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Can you list the specific locations(s) where this is occurring and maybe someone can test it on their unit?

Turn left OR right....

rapriebe wrote:

I don't quite understand your question.

So what exactly is it that yours seems to be doing wrong?

Don't try to make this too complicated.

I believe he is describing the problem exactly as it occurs:

"Take left or right onto I-xxx East"

I take it to mean the unit says exactly that "Turn left OR right...."

My guess: Before you panic and call the company or take it back for exchange, try it in some other locations, on some different roads. I'm guessing that they all may do that in some isolated cases.

If it does, in fact, do that for every turn involving entry or exit for a freeway, then something is definitely wrong.

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I live in San Francisco

I live in San Francisco Bayarea. It did this to me for all the major freeway in this area. It will say something like "Take left or right onto I-580 East". Perhaps somebody live in this area can confirm what I say.



I have a Nüvi 350 and a 750, and neither does that. They both say something like "take ramp, on right, to I-182, then take left," followed by, "take left, onto I-182 east."

I use "Jill" with both units.

Others have reported that "Karen" calls WA as "Western Australia" instead of "Washington," so it may be related to the local program.

Which TTS voice do you use?

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Turn left OR right....

My Garmin does it sometimes but what I learned is that my map up dates were behind and construction occurred and interchanges changed. an example is the sky in Chicago. the interchange use to be on the right now with the new interchange it is now on the left.

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I also recently recieved my gps and have not had any of the symptoms listed here. it may be a minor glitch or as someone said in an isolated area.

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