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I created a poi file and used one that I had downloaded from this site for QuikTrip gas stations to see how to format the .csv file. Everything looks the same in my file, but the formatting is different. The QuikTrip file uses commas after the street address and after the CSZ. when I did this, it did format better than my first try, but the commas showed up and a couple didn't break where they're supposed to. I tried taking the commas out and putting the street address, CSZ, and phone number in separate columns. The street address displays correctly, but the CSZ and phone don't show up at all.

I read a post on this site by loaderjosh where he explains formatting, but I don't understand it. Can anybody shed any light on this?



For csv files

For csv files I have always used:


-92.345678,36.333888,"Big Dome Rest","10 Laugh St, Funny City, Ks"

I do this in PC "Notepad" or Mac "Text Edit".

Works for me anyway !

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williea wrote:

The QuikTrip file uses commas after the street address ....

When using comma or linebreaks in the 3rd and 4th field, remember to enclose them in quotes. i.e.
Longitude,Latitude,Name,"Addess, State, City, Zip".

POI Verifier may help you in getting the correct Garmin csv format.


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Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your help, MrKenFL.

Thanks for your help too,

Thanks for your help too, retiredtechnician.

Readability of custom POI's

You can improve the readability of the DISPLAYED information by doing 's between the street name and city, state, ZIP.
Without using 's, the displayed info is broken willy-nilly, each line displaying the max characters then breaking to the next line. By adding the 's, YOU tell the display where to break. Here's an example from a POI that I submitted (I pressed (or , if you please) after the "NW" and after the "35810"):

-86.586308,34.769581,"Huntsville","3418 Memorial Pky NW
Huntsville AL 35810

The display shows "Huntsville" in caps at the top then the street address through the ..."Pky NW" on the next line and the city, state and ZIP on the last line.
Even this technique is not perfect, however. If the street address or the city name is too long, the display will still have unintended line breaks, but it's the best you can do.
Oh! and don't forget that if the name is EXACTLY 5, 9, 13, 17, etc. characters long, add a period (or any other character of your choice) at the end so that you don't run into the Header display problem that has been documented elsewhere.

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Check this way out

plunder wrote:

You can improve the readability of the DISPLAYED information by doing 's between the street name and city, state, ZIP ....

For readability, I like to create CSV's with the description in C and the address in D but the address is done differently. Look at the BofA's and you will see how it is done. Download one and put it on your GPS. You will see how nice the address looks. If you like it, just copy the CSV, get rid of everything on the page but the first line with the D col still in it. Just change the address, put in your description, lat & long. Then all you have to do is copy cell D to the next line. Just an idea.

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Readability of custom POI's

Actually, the way mine is coded is exactly the same as the BofA. When I posted the prior comment, I made the mistake of typing "left-pointing thingy, the word "enter" and the right-pointing thingy so that when I submitted the comment, those things were interpreted as " 's ", it looks like.
Anyway, the BofA POI and mine (Gander Mountain Stores) are basically the same. I physically put each line of how I wanted the display to look on a new line (by pressing the "enter/new line" key, while the author of the BofA POI put everything on one line with logical "new line"s imbedded where he wanted his line to break. Similar means to the same end.

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Thanks Phil. I'll give it a

Thanks Phil. I'll give it a try.


Thanks ahsumtoy, I

Thanks ahsumtoy, I appreciate it. Even though it's a comma delimited file, there must be hidden code in there somewhere.