Interpreting the Sattelite Screen


I can get to it and look at it, and understand the obvious. But what I don't understand is what the little icons (sun?, moon?, red dot?) are telling me. They are there, so they must be imparting some useful information if one know how to properly interpret what one is viewing. They change position on the screen as I move so that tells me that they are representing some data relative to my position.

Unfortunately, I don't have a clue what these things are telling me.

Here's a screen shot:

Anyone know????

Sun is the position of the

Sun is the position of the sun from where you are in the center The moon is the same.

The red dot is the direction of travel. Even if you are stopped it may move due small shifts in your position due to inaccuracies

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So much difference?

On my 660 the Sun is on the outer ring and is in the position it is. (North is North even if you are driving South.) The moon is on the inner ring and means the same. The little gray thing on the outer ring is the direction I am traveling. The red dot is no satellite feed, but when connected it turns white. I know this because I have it on that screen going to and from work. I use my 660 as a "hands free" device for my cell phone. So I really don't need to see the map or directions to a place I have been driving to for 33+ years. smile But I would guess it is different than the 7xx series.

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Meaning of the hollow blue bars?

I assume that the height of the blue bar is the strength of the signal, but what does a hollow bar mean? and why 12 bars? is it 3 or 4 satellites for Lat/Lon and Elevation?

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Good info here

This is a good article that may answer some of your questions:


Thanks Tim

Very good explanation, Thanks!

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