c530 and metroguide


i have a garmin c530 and like it very much. i also have a etrex legend and metroguide north america. i love the way to see the entire trip on metroguide and way points which i cant see on the c530 without going through turn by turn. is there a way to use metroguide and poi to design a trip. or better yet see the trip reconmended by the c530 on the metroguide.



You might check to see if City Navigator or City Navigator NT is available for your model. It used to be included in the box with some of Garmin's older StreetPilot models (e.g., SP 2610), and it allowed you to do route planning on your PC.

I can't say for sure if it would work with c530. Perhaps another c530 owner may be able to help answer this.