downloading pois to nuvi 350


could any one tell me how to download POIs from this site to my nuvi 350. I am a very new user of this gps system.

Len Rapkins

Using POI Loader

The POI files are designed to work with Garmin's POI Loader. You can download it (free) from the Garmin website from a link on this page:

The basic steps are as follows:

  • download POI loader from Garmin's web site
  • install POI loader on your computer
  • open the .ZIP file(s) you downloaded from POI Factory and copy the .CSV file(s) inside to a new directory on your computer
  • connect your GPS to your computer
  • start POI Loader and select the directory that contains the .CSV file(s)
  • follow the on-screen prompts (default choices should work just fine), and POI Loader will transfer the locations to your GPS

If you run into any bumps along the way, just post your issue here in the forums.

Good Luck.