How to get coordinates using google maps


I've been trying to find out how to get coordinates using google maps, and finally found a way that seems to work, but wondering if there is another way.

The way it seems to work is: After you find the place you are looking for, use the "send" option (next to print, and about 2/3 towards the end of the "Link" line in the body of the Message are the coordinates.

Any alternative or simpler ideas?

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Coordinates from google maps

Nellis said, "On a computer in Google Maps zoom right in on the site. Click on the button to the right of the print icon (usually displayed as a chain link) in the left hand side bar. Copy and paste the web address highlighted in blue" (note that the coordinates are contained in the address but mistakes are less likely if the whole address is pasted)."

That's basically the method I use, but with one refinement: I'll zoom in on Satellite view, and will then right-click the exact position for which I want coordinates. From the ensuing drop-down, I'll choose "Center map here."

The "chain links" icon reveals a URL containing coordinates for where the map is centered. I've found this to be very precise.

I've also written macros in Word to extract the coordinates from the URL that appears when you click the "chain links" icon. Eg, the Washington Monument's URL in "chain links" is,+15th+Stre.... You can see the lat/long coordinates, 38.889469/-77.03525, embedded in that link. One of my macros extracts the coordinates in lat [comma] [space] long format. The other gives them in long [tab] lat format, for use in csv files.

From time to time Google Maps may change the character strings in front of and after the actual coordinates. But it's a relatively simple matter to edit the macros to keep up with their changes.

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youtube video

This video made it look easy on youtube:

Google earth

Hands down. Just click on the pointer.

New Google Maps?

Is there anyway to do this in the "New Google Maps" or do you have to return to Classic Google Maps?

thanks for the link

thanks for the link

A GPS can take you where You want to go but never where you WANT to be.

Thank you for this

Thank you for this smile

A good tip for people to

A good tip for people to learn. Done this before when trying to setup things like with TVFool, specific points of interest.


the link seems to point to a dead end. It says this feature has been dead since 2010 .

Not with new maps

I can't see any way to do it with the New Google Maps.

However, if you click Help and switch to classic maps, both the right-click "What's here" and the MapLabs Lat/Lng Tooltip and Marker still work.

Copy & Paste

PaintballCFO wrote:

I put a push-pin the house I want the coordinates for. Then place your mouse cursor on the push-pin and the coordinates will show up on the bottom right hand side of the screen. I have found these coordinates to very exact when I put them into my Nuvi 750..........


If you click on the push pin after you've zoomed in and moved it to the location, you will open a box that has the coordinates shown.

Copy & paste these into Extra POI Editor, since EPE can no longer Geocode the location.



In the last few times I went to New Google Maps there are new things going on. Im just hopping one of those days they put a GPS download thing like they have on Harley-Davidson Ride map. What I do now is use New Google Maps to find place - then I cut and paste onto H-D Ride maps where I can download all my location with one click. My last 2 trips had 15 to 20 places I saved.

New Google Maps - Click To Get Coordinates

Now you can (left) click anywhere in the new Google Maps to get coordinates.


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Why boder using google map ? My Gps does a good job , I tough the reason people use GPS is ,no need to deal with google map anymore?

Google Maps

Driver 38 wrote:

Why boder using google map ? My Gps does a good job , I tough the reason people use GPS is ,no need to deal with google map anymore?

Google Maps comes in very handy when you're making a POI file.

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Send one file to gps

Driver 38 wrote:

Why boder using google map ? My Gps does a good job , I tough the reason people use GPS is ,no need to deal with google map anymore?

When I am at home and going to a store or something I do not know where is I look on google maps and check street view to make sure it is in the correct spot then I send it to my GPS. (old google map as I can't find the send in the new google map)

If I am out and need to find something I do use my gps but can not see street view to see if the poi is in the correct spot on the map .

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I also use google maps

If I am going to a customer that I haven't been to before, I look it up on the GPS. If the GPS can't find it, I then have to use google maps and send it to the GPS.

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Finding GPSCoordinates using Google Maps

It is much easier to use Google Earth the GPS coord are displayed instantly!

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