firmware update for the GTMxx receiver


firmware update for the GTMxx receiver is available

Changes from version 4.60 to version 4.70:
Improved support for China and Dubai.
Changes from version 4.50 to version 4.60:
Fix problem with renewing expired legacy US subscriptions in Canada.
Changes from version 4.40 to version 4.50:
Improve support for multiple free services
Improve Canadian traffic support
Changes from version 4.30 to version 4.40:
Fix possible station lockout problem in Canada
Changes from version 4.20 to version 4.30:
Add support for TULIP hardware
Add support for Canadian traffic
Improve tuning speed, add non-volatile memory of last-tuned channel
Changes from version 4.10 to version 4.20:
Factory diagnostics changes only. No operational changes.
Changes from version 4.00 to version 4.10:
Fix alternate FM station handover problem in U.K.
Changes from version 3.90 to version 4.00:
Fix service provider lock in UK.
Improve acquisition time in U.S.
Changes from version 3.70 to version 3.90:
Improved Alternate Frequency (AF) processing.
Improved station acquisition time.
Improved FM table handler regarding overwrites of oldest stations.
Changes from version 3.60 to version 3.70:
Add fix for frequent traffic queue purging in Germany
When powering-up, automatically tune to last station tuned
Add FM table memory log to autopurge oldest station entry
Add support for Nuvi 6xx FM scan
Changes from version 3.50 to version 3.60:
Corrected problem with linked TMC message displays.
Increased FM memory table to 12 TMC stations.
Added support for alternate American TMC providers.
Changes from version 3.40 to version 3.50:
Improve receiver sensitivity

Also took 2.3 or 2.4 for 7XX

Also took 2.3 or 2.4 for 7XX to 2.5. If you have MSN, increased number of items received (stocks, local news, etc.) Looks great!