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I was given a c330 for Christmas a neighbor stood in one of those day after Thanksgiving sales a got 2 330's cheap really cheap. I noticed after messing around with mine I did'nt have the lasteset version loaded on mine after trying to downlaod the update it told me the 330 i had did in fact have the latest update. I called garmin and was told there was a bunch of Garmins sold at walmart that say they are loaded with version 4.40 but they really are running the latest software whatever it is 5.7 or something like that. Anyone else run into this? Thought maybe it was part of the reason Walmart was selling them so cheap!

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You can download the newest

You can download the newest software at:


Unit software is 5.7. Probably why Wal-Mart is selling them so cheaply.

It seem some of the c330's

It seem some of the c330's have a defferient board in them and therefore they use that sw version from other threads on here it sounds like they are the better c330's

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