Garmin eTREX Venture Cx


I have a eTREX Venture Cx, does any body have any experience with this model (good or bad)?
I want to use it for Geocaching.

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Venture CX

I just purchased it a couple weeks ago. Nice unit! I also have the Legend (gray scale). I prefer the Venture CX I like the turn by turn directions and the choice to navigate by road ot off-road. I downloaded the Costom Points-Of-Interest program
( ) and have over 3000 waypoints in my SD card and am able to use the waypoints for routes as-well as backups to my existing waypoints already on my GPS main memory, just incace I delete one by accident etc.

Have a great day!

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It's a very good unit and very good for geocaching.

If you are going to be caching in dense cover (ie trees), you might want to look a the new "H" eTrex line which as the high-sensitivity receiver.

Love my Etrex

I love my Etrex. I have the Legend CX they are very similar. It was my first GPS and I will never get rid of it. It is the one I can look ahead if I am not the one driving.. I play with the Etrex while the Nuvi does the basics. But Yes the Etrex is great for Geocaching..And on a bicycle Or motorcycle as they are water proof.

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I work for a Landscape company and install underground irrigation. I use the eTrex to get to and from service jobs as-well I use it to mark my valve-box installations for later location & repair /work handy when the shrubs are overgrown and hiding the boxes. I also am a Geocacher havn't as of yet tried the Venture CX for geocaches but have used the eTrex Legend for my caching in the past.


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Great choice

Great choice for geocaching, I have the Vista Hcx that I have been using for two months and it works great, I think the only difference is the Vista has the SD card slot, other than that I think they are the same. It has more features than I need for geocaching. I have all of southern Ontario Topo (1:10,000 scale) installed on the SD card

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