How to display all entries of a POI file on a Nuvi 260


Ok, so I've loaded a POI file which contains 71 locations on my Nuvi 260. When I activate the file it only displays 52 locations (13 pages of 4 per page). How can I make it list all 71 locations?

it will show you the 50st

it will show you the 50 closest to your location.

Miss POI

52 is the max

50 is the maximum that will display. The others are still there, and they can be searched and routed. They just won't show in the list display.

You can use the "near" function right after you select Where To and you can list the 50 closest from a different location like "along my route", "near my destination" or just "another city". Each one of these options will display the 52 closest POI's to that location from your list.