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C530 Favorites and POI Mileage Listing is Incorrect


Hi, On my Garmin c530 when I look at my POI and Favorites I see the mileage to that location to the right of the POI. What is bothering me is that it seems that the mileage that is listed there is incorrect. For example I had a loaction from me that I know was 29 miles away but it said 21 miles. When I actually take the route it takes me there correctly with the correct mileage. So in conclusion I was wondering why it has the wrong mileage along side the POI or favorite. Does anyone else notice this? Is there something I am missing here? Thanks!


Its line of sight miles. I

Its line of sight miles. I live in michigan and family far west Wi. my miles are way off because it goes stright across lake Michigan


As mentioned, that distance is a straight line distance not a routed distance. The unit does not take into account what routing preferences and avoidances you have set when it is just showing you the list.


Thanks for everyone for clearing up that for me. I just found out also that after u set your destination and hit GO, you can hit the lower left corner of the screen and up comes all kinds of information including at the top right a little checkered flag that has the accurate miles to your destination. Thanks again everyone!


I knew what the air miles

I knew what the air miles was, but never had much use for it other than jus an idea. Until running a load thru mo. this week during/near a tornado warning. Now I have a VERY important use in knowing air miles and direction from a place. In light tornados aren`t much for using actual route miles. Whew!

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C530 Favorites and POI Mileage Listing is Incorrect

It does that too on mine when I turn off my GPS without ending the trip that I am on and then come back home. Then at home the GPS gives me wrong distances to POIs.
If you then reconnect to the satellites, it will give you the correct distances.

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