How to? (load onto SD)


I haven't fount out how to direct POI loader to put the POI's on the SD card. what am I missing?

nuvi350 upgraded to V4.3 and small SD card for testing. etrex Legend and gps60 csx & GPSmap60CSx

How to?

When the POILoader starts up, it looks at the available drives. I select whatever drive my SD card is in. It even works if you have the SD card in a card reader.

SD card

When I start the POILoader, it doesn't "see" the SD card that is inserted in the side of my C330. Apparently I have things all wrong. Do I need a USB card reader to load the info BEFORE inserting it in the GPS?

Thanks (another 'newbie question) smile

SD card

be sure to give it some time to find the card as a "usb card reader" It can take a few minutes the first time as it acts like a new usb device.

SD CARD on C330

C330, the SD Card is ONLY for Additional maps (Like Germany). on the C330
The SD Card on the C330 has NO other funtion, and can NOT be used for POI's.
All POI's have to be loaded into the Machine itself.