Across Canada Trails GPS Map Project has alot of details.
But quickly, as it related to

I'm using the help of everyone else to make this project work.. As I am just 1 person.

I am using Google maps to modify and edit each POI type. Because google maps lets you play with the rich text and add in photos and links, and can have that wonderful 'More' link, which brings the user to the origional Google maps place mark. ..

On my Garmin GPS Map, I am showing a Icon for each POI (the whole set would be available in a folder which comes along with the Zip file for the whole GPS Map.)

With thanks to everyone who is updating the parts... ie. Tim Hortons Across Canada, MEC Across Canada. ... I'm trying to find helpers who are willing to become collaborators for the Google maps. .. As Google maps let you add in custom Icons. .. making the map look cool.

This way, when someone is using the GPS Map, and they are using a pocket PC, when they click on the POI as their navigating, they see the Name / Adress / Phone number/ Website / Weblink for more.
Each POI which i want to have available needs to have that information. ... I found that the best way to make it was to use As it holds the lable info order the best from a KMZ file.

Comments welcome and appreciated,

Im doing this with no manual so all ideas are welcome smile



Across Canada Trails - Maping project Trans Canada Trail

Hi all,
I've now (finally) included all of the Trans Canada Trail, and have it listed on my GPS Map.
Along with my sugested alternate connecting routes.
I also have individual points that people posted listed.

So if anyone is thinking of Biking Across Canada, they can contact me, and i can set them up with the BETA version of the map.

The Unofficial 1st time Biking the Complete 19,000+km trail, the route is now technically navigatable on GPS. .. Spring 2009 is the planned start date for the ride.

Thanks goes out to those users who posted the files for:

Tim Hortons Canada
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Good Sam Parks
KOA Campgrounds

If anyone feels that they can improve on my POI files
Bike Shops
Tourist Information Centers

Im editing the Hosteling International Canada, and Backpackers Hostels Canada files, it comes from a google maps, help is welcome. smile