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I thought is worth mentioning this site does in my opinion an outstanding job of providing not only information but answering questions. This is especially good for new users--I am one. I belong to other sites for different things and not one has the quality of this site. Keep up the good work. We appreciate the effort.


i agree ,this place has been cuss word clean and family friendly since day one ..i dont even look at any other gps site forums , i get it all here ..its quick reliable and and clean ..great place to be

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )

There isn't much that you

There isn't much that you might want to know about your GPS that you can't find in detail on this site and there's always someone willing to help even more. I don't usually belong to these kinds of groups but I'm totally addicted to this one. I stop by several times every day - and always seem to pick up some new and useful information.

yeh but its a little light

yeh but its a little light when it comes to the fine points of using ur gps when scubadiving and


Whew... then I'm glad I didn't join in the conversation about our pet names for our Garmins!

This site ROCKS!!!!!

Thanks to all -- this site ROCKS!!!!!

nightrider --Nuvi's 660 & 680--