Lost nuvi 260 Voice Files


Somehow while adding POI's I lost all of my voice files off of my 260. I know that I didn't purposely delete them, and I can't find the voice file anywhere on my computer (not even in the recycle bin). Any ideas other than calling Garmin?

Thanks, Bob

Try WebUpdater

Run WebUpdater with your 260 and see if it gives you an option to 'update' them.

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Thanks for the Help with Vice File

Not only did Web Updater re-install the voice file, but it also let me install a TTS voice that is a Dutch female. I might go off course just to hear her correct me smile



They did added some new voices.

You can do a route simulation to hear her voice till your heart is contented. smile

I always backup my GPS

The 1st thing I do is to backup your GPS.