Just how smart is it?


I notice my Nuvi 760 gets confused when recalculating in major overpass intersections. Does it read it's current GPS elvation data and determine the current height, so it knows if it's on the elevated freeway, or at street level?

I notice it gets confused when making a u-turns an elevated freeways.

Nüvi 760 since Xmas.

Not that smart

I doubt naveteq has gone to the trouble to encode elevation data to account for multi-level situations into their map data as most consumer model GPSrs are not designed with elevation to that level of detail in mind....yet.

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Since these units use the "lock on road" feature, I would imagine that this might account for the unit momentarily "thinking" that it's on a different road in these situations.

I have noticed the same

I have noticed the same thing, but at least I know better. Shoot, I get confused during u-turns hahaha. It recalculates pretty quickly, though.

I do laugh if I am going on the overpass rather than the road it tells me and it goes off.

Thanks for the replys...

I'm a new GPS user - just since Christmas. For the most part, I am suprised by the acuraccy of the promps. I hope to learn more about the technology and ways to use it.

I experimented with the "Where am I?" elevation data, and found that it is not very consistant, but guess it's accurate within a few feet.

Nüvi 760 since Xmas.

My 760 is accurate between

My 760 is accurate between 15-17 feet outside. About 24-27 feet if I am in the house, but I don't use it in the house hahaha. Just wanted to check.