how do i use my screenshot



It helps people give you good answers if you list which model you are referring to. Since your profile indicates you have a 350, I will address that model.

On page 47 of the User Manual, it indicates that you go to Settings > Display > Screenshot. Press the button and select "On", then when you quickly press and release the Power button, you take a screenshot.

Then when you connect your nuvi to your computer, the screenshots appear in the "Screenshot" folder.

Just as a suggestion when

Just as a suggestion when you set up your account under signature you could add your gps model number.That way when you post forum other members with same type of gps can offer the right help.

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not only should u put it in

not only should u put it in your sig, but it would help if you put the model in the subject line as well.

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thanks for the info. how do

thanks for the info. how do i get a manual . thanks apophus 350


Is the process the same for...

... the nüvi 260? The manual is pathetic for the 2xx series. :?

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