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I just got a Garmin nuvi 200 and am interested in starting to use POIs. What are the best POI files for new users?

Depends on where you want to

Depends on where you want to go and what you want to see.


I have had my nuvi over a month now myself. My first POI file I loaded on my nuvi was the Red Light Camera poi file. Sometimes when I am out driving I tend to forget all about those cameras.

re: New to GPS

I would have to say the red light cameras are a must.

Add the red light cameras

Add the red light cameras first, then look around and take you pick!


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POI for Garmin

I just got my nuvi a month ago or so too, and as I was searching POIs for bank machines, gas stations and restaurants in my area, I discovered that the GPS had all of it already pre-loaded out of the box, so I had to discard some of what I had found. I still loaded the red light cameras, speed traps, provincial parks, tourist information locations, electronics stores, and indian food restaurants.

GARMIN nuvi 760

i travel for a livin so rest

i travel for a livin so rest stops are my favorite

I fish alot, so bass pro

I fish alot, so bass pro shops, lakes, boat ramps, cabelas, and walmart. and i cant wait til the gander mountain one comes out

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i brough a new nuvi 750

it is loaded with most of the POI. attraction, sports, and many more. if i select attractions in NYC it shows near by park and other items, which is not at all that much attractive. how do i avoid all those. do i need to go with custom POI?
thanks in advance.

Saro - nuvi750

red light

definitely a must

provincial parks

Where did you find Prov. Parks?