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I would appreciate learning how to make use of a radio POI file?


radio POI file wrote:

I would appreciate learning how to make use of a radio POI file?


Can you elaborate on this a little? Not sure what your asking.


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I was browsing through the

I was browsing through the entire list of POI categories, and I found a category that deals with AM-FM-Weather POIs. If you go there, you will find a great many files. I am intersted in the ones that relate to Classical music, jazz, and oldies. It seems that these identify FCC approved towers from which the broadcasts signals are sent. This is as far as I can take it. I want to know how these POIs "work," to decide if I want to downlaod them.

Thanks for follow-up.

The basic idea is that you

The basic idea is that you load the POI files onto your GPS and then they POIs appear on your GPS map. How you load them depends on your GPS. Garmin, for example, has a POI loader.

If you have a Garmin, go here:

Then select your unit and download the POI Loader. Once that's done just load up the POI from this site.

I think Garmin, by default, uses My Documents/My Garmin/Custom POIs as a directory to load POIs from. Doesn't mean you have to use it, though.

You can include icons with the POI file just make sure the icon has the same name as the POI file except for the extension.

Here's a good article explaining the POIs:

Using the Radio Files

As with any POI file, they need to be loaded onto your GPSr and are available as Extras. When driving, I, for example usually listen to NPR. To find the nearest NPR station, I select that POI in Extras on my C530. As with all POIs, it shows the 50 closest locations with the nearest at the top. That displays the distance, and the frequency (AM and FM) and also the direction, so I can see if I am going closer or further away. I then select that frequency when I go out of range of the one I am currently listening to. The same can be said for Classical, etc. You will find several stations without having to scan the dial. Note that not all stations always broadcast the music, NPR, etc. trhoughout the day.

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