Newly Submitted POI Files go into moderation queue


Jon and I have decided to have newly Contributed POI Files directed right to the moderation queue so that we can look at them before they are placed in front of everyone. So if you submit a POI File and it does not show up on the front page, have no fear we will get it up once we have a chance to examine it.

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Now that's a great idea!

Now that's a great idea! This could save someone some real headaches if an error went undetected. Keep up the good work. No wonder why this will be the #1 site for USA and Canada poi's!


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I think this is no doubt

I think this is no doubt going to be the #1 site. There's another popular gps site that is very good, but I think the post on here has it down almost 2 to 1, and this is a much better site in my opinion.

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Moderation of submissions

Moderation of submissions can have unintentional side effects (namely, it can imply editorial control and responsibility for posted content) as AOL found out when the net was still grey. But IANaL, of course.

As far as #1 site, I think POI Factory is doing a good job. Here is my unsolicited input on some features that would make for a killer site.

* The main thing: parse the uploaded .csv files and load them into a relational database. The POI are stored in the db along with contributor and other metadata. The .csv files get auto-generated based on user criteria (type, distance from a given point, contributor, etc) rather than downloaded as static files. This makes de-duping, editing, peer collaboration, etc, much easier.

Here are some interim measures:

* spin the forums off into some solid freeware platform that is easier to use and more robust. There are tons of them now that use mysql/postgresql backends and would cost nothing to run on existing hardware.

* get a google maps key and plot the results from the above queries onto google map data. Fluffy, but the masses like it.

* allow upload by ftp or auto-processing email interface.

* zip the .csv files for greater bandwidth efficiency.

* allow commentary from users on .csv submissions so contributors get feedback on their efforts on the download page.

* make a gpx companion file for each .csv. Easy to do automagically on the server and would vastly expand your audience to folks who have GPSr that do not handle custom poi.

SOMEONE is going to come along and slamdunk the POI-sharing experience. Maybe PF. None of the current players in the waypoint/poi exchange field has it totally figured out; each has an aspect or two down but no one has put together the "killer app". It might as well be poi-factory, right?

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I think so:) That is the

I think so:)
That is the goal.
Thanks for sharing all those great ideas with us.

Miss Poi