Want to see POI 'flags' on nuvi 360 map


I just started getting into POI downloading, but on my nuvi 360, the POI's I downloaded do not show up on the map unless I tell the nuvi to 'GO' to a specific POI.

What I''d like to see (for example) is a 'flag' icon for all Starbucks that I've downloaded. For my favorites (but not my custom POI's) the nuvi will add the flag icons automatically.

Anyone know how to do this ?


I've been trying to figure

I've been trying to figure out the same thing for a while now....still no luck!!!

icons on the navigation map

Nuvi will show icons on the navigation map for locations that you add as "favorites" (aka waypoints).

I haven't found any menu options or seen any first-hand reports that show a similar option for custom POI on nuvi.
EDIT: see comments by racqyteer below. he reports having them show.

If anyone has an official response from Garmin, please post and share it with the group.


I sent an email to Garmin

I sent an email to Garmin last week to find the list of names they use for their icon symbols, but have not heard anything yet. I have used the program GPSU from www.gpsu.co.uk to download my favorites from my Garmin c340 and then re-upload them as a gpx file. Some of thei symbols such as the knife and fork work, but most come out as a simple dot on the screen.

If I ever get an answer, I'll post it for all to use.

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The POIs on my 350 just

The POIs on my 350 just started showing up. Now, I have no idea what I did to make them appear, but they are there just like my favorites! I may have changed some factory setting, who knows, maybe I can figure it out. (I do have the Map Detail set to most, can't imagine why that should make a difference for POI's, but you could try it) EDIT: or try zooming in closer!!!!

To get a special icon to match your POI, like Starbucks for example. You need to have a bitmap file the has the exact name of your POI file (starbucks.csv and starbucks.bmp). POILoader will automatically load both files (if they are in the same folder, of course.) The bitmap must also be perfectly square to appear correctly.

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