MP3 AudioBook files play in random order


I am trying to get an audiobook (MP3 format) to play in my new Nuvi 650, but the chapters come out randomly.

Using POI-Loader, the audiobook will show up (and I can play it) on the 650, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which little MP3 file (there's over 160 in the book!) it will play in which order. How do I sort them and get them to play ?

It's not a Garmin audible program, but one from a regular audiobook cd I have.

Help please, TIA!


POI Loader? Are you sure?

Anyway, the MP3 player on your unit reads the track tags. It pays no attention to folder structure or even file names. Also, it will play all the tracks on a CD in track order (if the tracks are tagged properly) when you select Album > Play All.

So, go into the Track Properties and be sure that the tracks are sequentially numbered and then should play in order.

Also, be sure the shuffle "button" isn't selected.

Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick reply.

Well, Ok. Maybe I am using the wrong name for it all. I used the POI-Loader cable to copy/paste the audiobook from my pc to the 650, sticking it in the MP3-folder section of the 650 (actually on the SD card).

I did not find any TRACK or TAG information in either the pc or the 650 files. All I can find is the file name and the size, with no correlation of either to the play-order.

Shuffle on the 650 isn't on (good point!)

I'm still lost.


Ok, here's a screenshot of what it might look like.

If the track number is correct in the properties, the files will play in that order when you select Album > Play All.

Notice that the file name has nothing to do with the track tags.

Right click on the file, select Properties, select Summary and select Advanced to see the information.

For music files, you can use a program like Media Monkey to properly tag your songs, but I'm not 100% sure if it would work for audio books, but you could try, or just do it manually.

Many thanks, I will play

Many thanks, I will play with it and see what happens.