Easy iTunes to nuvi playlists


I think I've got a pretty good way to put my iTunes playlists onto my nuvi 760. I'm running a Windows XP machine and all my music in iTunes is mp3. Perhaps others will find this helpful.

First, you need iTunes Export, a free open source download from here:


When you run it, Step 1 is to find your iTunes library. If the library is in the default location, you don't need to do anything.

In Step 2, you select the playlists to export. Not much to say here.

In Step 3, you set the Output Directory to the SD card of the GPS unit. I created a folder on the card called "Music" and point to that folder. Make sure Playlist Type is m3u. I select "Folders as Playlists" so that each playlist has its own folder on the card. Select "Copy Music" from the drop-down and click "Finish". Depending on how many files you're sending, it'll take a few minutes.

The mp3 files are then copied into separate folders on the card named for the playlists, along with the properly-formatted-for-the-nuvi m3u files. I pop the card into the unit (I use a card reader, but am sure it works if you leave the card in the unit) and the nuvi recognizes the playlists perfectly.

Great !

Will give it a try.


HarveyS - Nuvi 350