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Hi all! Thanks to all for the fantastic information. I received a nuvi 660 for Christmas. Awesome GPS! I have read on some of the posts here that POI's can and can not be stored on sd cards. If they can, how is this done? When I download through POI loader, it sends them straight to the device without the option to send them to the sd card. My computer sees the sd card so do I need to change settings within the POI loader? Thanks in advance for any help.

[Tim Garmin nuvi 660]

You need to point POI Loader

You need to point POI Loader to the SD card. From then on the directory that you pointed at the SD card becomes the default directory and all data files are copied there by POI Loader. Then when you plug the SD card into your 660, it sees the SD card and prompts you if you want to copy the data files to the 660. Answer yes and the files are copied.
You are also limited to 32 files per directory. Also if you create nested subdirectories, POI Loader will not recognize these as POI files and will not get copied. I know about these two issues, because both happened to me.

yayi--Garmin nuvi 680 & StreetPilot 530, Pembroke Pines FL

SD Card

Thanks Yayi!!! Worked perfectly.

[Tim nuvi 660]

SD Card

I keep the POI on the SD card but at each power up it asks if I want to transfer data to the unit. Is there a way to prevent this dialog box from coming up each time and still keep the POI on the SD card? I have a nuvi 350.

Keeping POIs on SD card

On my Nuvi 350, when I first load the pois on the sd card... and run my Nuvi... it asks if I want to keep them on the sd card or load them in memory.

There is a check box that says something like "don't ask me again" and if that is checked, then it won't ask that again... until you load new pois on the Nuvi.

Hope this helps.