nuvi 650 ac adapter


Does anyone know the voltage output of the Nuvi 650 ac wall charger? I just bought a Nuvi650 costco special and was wondering if my old C340 ac charger (5 volts/1 amp) output would work?



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Nuvi 650 ac Adapter

I just checked my nuvi 650 ac wall charger and it says, in very, very tiny print, 5V.
Hope this helps you.

5v is the same as USB

USB voltage is also 5v ...Some people just charge it with there Pc ..

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Moto KRZR AC Adapter

The Motorola KRZR and probably all cell phones that use a USB connector with a 5V AC Charger will work with a Nuvi 650. I also have a 12V adapter for the KRZR that will work directly with the Nuvi 650 without having to connect two differnt USB cables together. I have not tried this quite yet but see no reason why it should not work. Any comments before I do a smoke test?

According to Garmin tech,

According to Garmin tech, all nüvi models use the same AC adapter.

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