Getting Organized


Getting Organized

We've had a lot of files added over the last few weeks, and it's time to get more organized. So tonight we are adding some new things.

The first new thing is a forum area devoted coordinating activity for organized projects. Each discussion thread will be for a different POI Type (e.g., Home Depot, McDonalds, Best Buy, etc.) and we can use it to keep everyone updated on progress.

I will be working on combining some of the smaller files to make one file for each POI type. I plan to combine all the Home Depot files, and I will do that with the other local files as well.

People that have been working on building those POI Files will have access to it and can continue to maintain it with the POI Database tool. If you see a file that you would like to help maintain, please use the thread dedicated to the POI Type to let us know.

I think that this will help us keep track of our combined efforts and we won’t be trying to accomplish the same thing multiple times.

Thank You,
Miss Poi