adding POI


I downloaded the DC Metro attractions for my c550 unit. How should I load this file to show these attractions on my unit. With the POI Loaded I can choose express or manual. Need advice!


If you want to be alerted when you're approaching one of the DC Metro locations, then you'll need to use manual mode to setup or change the alert settings.

For something like attractions, I would probably load them without alerts. For this, the express mode works just fine.


The roadrunner can go...

beep, beep, and get away with it. If you have alerts on every DC attraction there is, you'll be going beep, beep crazy really fast. Pretty much every block of the town has something to see.

I wrote that POI, and it's designed to be searchable very easily, such as thru keywords (e.g. 'museums' or 'art' or 'USMC' etc. So, figure out where your interests are, and do it that way. If you don't live in D.C. it's not a town you can do in a weekend trip. Or a week long one. It's also a town that you should not drive in. Driving to it is fine. Taking a taxi, or the Metro subway is fine. Or walking. But, don't think of driving there; too hard to find a parking place on the street. And the garages are expensive, and not that convenient.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX