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Hi All,

I'm Mitch, I drive a 03' Nissan 350z, and awaiting some new video equipment to arrive in the mail. (will be here Friday. hopefully) Kenwood DDX8017 + Kenwood KNA-G510 (Same as garmin unit).

I've done lots of research and am much anticipating the delivery of my new toys. What I have read about POI's has got me very excited about my first navy unit.


Can you get a virus, or download POI software that will interfere with normal functioning of your GPS unit?

If you don't like a particular POI file, can you easily take it off and return your GPS unit to it's previous state?

Mitch, if you read the

Mitch, if you read the specs. I think you'll find the Kenwood is not the same as the Garmin. The Kenwood is only WAAS 12 Channel enabled (according to specs), and the Garmin has the SirF Chipset.

Garmin 660


Hi jjeffrey99

Files with the CSV extention are relatively safe compared to other file types. Software that commonly read them are generally expecting to find data rather than executable code (e.g., macros).

If the software that's handling the CSV file isn't carefully written, it might be possible for someone with proprietary knowledge of the system to craft a "worm" to exploit a software flaw. This type of exploit is very rare with consumer electronic devices, and I haven't heard of any examples where this has happened with a Garmin GPS.

The best way to remove POI files from your Garmin GPS is to use the new uninstall option in POI loader 2.4.0. I don't recommend deleting files directly.


CSV POI files

Thank you very much. I just wanted to be sure I don't mess up my brand new NUVI 660 and I was reluctant to install any 3rd party software. That makes me feel better & thanks for the tip on uninstalling POI files.

jjeffrey99, we are in the

jjeffrey99, we are in the same boat! I don't want to screw mine up either. Therefore, I'm going to put all the POI files and Mp3 files on a 2GB card, and leave my 660 files as they are.....factory fresh. From what I have read, the least you mess with your files the better off you are. I'm no computer guru, so I have to be careful.

Garmin 660


You are correct. When I choose the unit, I noticed the Garmin Print on the unit itself and then did more research, and with Garmin backing up Kenwood is the reason I choose it.

I had only read that it was the same as Garmin and never looked to see the exact similarites or differences.