Map Update 2008


I have a Garmin Map Update 2008 that has not been installed. Do I need to use the product key to load it on to my current computer, or is the key used to install the update on an actual GPS?

Can I install it without blowing away the upgrade capability to a GPS when I need it?

Does the installation put a copy of Map Source on the local computer?

Garmin issued the Map update and product key to me while I owned a 530. I have since upgraded to a 650 which has the 2008 update. Is the upgrade locked to the 530, or would it work for a 330 that I own?

Map update 2008

When i spoke with a garmin rep, he relayed that the update disks are used for one unit only. Specifically, the product key can only be used once. i found this out the hard way... did it for my C340 and then attempted it for my 650...

2 computers?

On another front, can the software be installed to 2 computers and used/registered for 1 GPS?

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AXlmyk yes as long as yuou have the Unit it is Registered to hooked to the Computer you can load it again and it will load into mapsource Such as a Desk top and a :Lap top..I have done this.

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Thank you

Now I'll wait till Thur or Fri for the software to get here.

Garmin c530, Garmin eTrex, Garmin Nuvi 1390