Importing POIs and Garmin 660


I just bought a Garmin 660 and am trying to upload some new POI's from GpsPassion site. One file is for Starbucks and the other for the Sam's Club in USA. When I finish loading them (using POI Loader) I then try to see if I can see the new places by going to the Where to, Extras, Custom POIs. I can only see the places that I loaded last. Say, I load the Sam' Club first and then I load the Starbuck, I can see the Starbucks only. If I change the order, Then i only see the Sam's club.
Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a way to import new POI's into the main memory of the Garmin? Any help is appreciated.

All in one

You need to put ALL the POI files in one folder. Then you run PoiLoader. Every time you want to add a new POI file, you must upload them all.

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POILoader replaces previous POIs

POILoader completely replaces your previous POIs every time that you use it. So you must keep all your POIs in the same folder. Each time you use it, it must reload them all.

POI Loader

Thank you all for such a prompt response. It worked. Thanks again.