Free traffic alert


I have a garmin 550c. Is there a way to activate the traffic alert without having to register with garmin?

Retired Street Pilot C550, Garmin Drive 50 USA+CAN LMT 5, I phone 8Plus.

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traffic alert

The traffic alert works through additional information being sent to the GPS beyond the satellite info. this is provided through several sources, Clear Channel on a speical FM reciever, MSN on their system or XM. All require activiation and registration. Sorry no free rides on traffic alerts from Garmin.

Thanks, my temp subscription

Thanks, my temp subscription has run out and I am not sure it is worth the money. The radio seem to be better and this is free.

Retired Street Pilot C550, Garmin Drive 50 USA+CAN LMT 5, I phone 8Plus.

I saw a different icon on my

I saw a different icon on my screen and i didnt Know what it was at first.I didnt realize i got a free trial on the traffic alert. Nice but i dont really need it.


Traffic info

I thought this was the case when I first started using the traffic update. It seems that the traffic data takes some time to update when you first start the unit. If you reselect your destination several minutes into you trip you might find that the traffic data is significantly different. The easiest way to observe this is to note the amount of traffic alerts when you first get good data signals and then note the difference several minutes later. I think you will be more satified with the service with this technique. This approach routinley saves 15% on travel time in a major area for me. Hope this helps.