Red light camera file


I never had a need for the Red Light Camera file (no cameras in our area) until this past week in Mesa, AZ. In one word ... invaluable!. A sincere thank you to Miss POI and all who have contributed to it.


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Yeah, somethings you don't

Yeah, somethings you don't see a need for until you see a result!!! I didn't get my GPSr (although I travel a lot for business) because I didn't see a real need, now that I have it.....I go no where without it.

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I completely agree.....

There aren't too many cameras in my area, but I recently took a trip to San Francisco and the red light file was alerting me to the cameras all over the place.....I never would've spotted them without the file!

I completely agree about red light camers

This another is reason I love poi-factory