I found a way to streamline packing the Nuvi


My wife and I are leaving in a little while for a trip to CA. The nuvi 350 is going to be carried on for the flight, then immediately unpacked for the rental car. Instead of taking all of the cables, I simply pack:

Nuvi USB cable
USB-DC car charger adapter for iPod - $5 at wal-mart
DC-AC wall charger adapter - $5 at wal-mart

I end up with about a 3' cable total. When all three pieces are connected, it's ready to charge off of AC power in the house. If I take off the last piece, it's ready to charge in the car, and if I take off the USB-DC adapter, I've got a data cable for POI updates or I can charge it off a laptop. This really streamlines the whole packing process. Instead of 15 feet of coiled up cables in the bag, I'm down to about 3 feet. Now I finally have room in my case to carry the beanbag mount too and the whole kit stays together.

Might be helpful to someone else!

I found a way to streamline packing the Nuvi

this is very helpful since I just purchased a USB-DC car charger/adapter for iPod for $21.99.
Thank you for the tip.