Hi, POI newbie here


Just wanted to say hi, and thanks to all of you who've assembled some really great POI files here.

I do have a couple of questions that are probably really easy to answer, so thanks for any help you send my way:

1. Once loaded, will custom POI's show on a map that is displaying a route--for example, if I'm going from home to a client's place, will I be able to visually see the closest Wal-Mart on the map, or do I have to search? I'm pretty sure favorites show up on the route map, right?

2. How do customer bitmap icons work with POI files? Do you just drop it in the same folder and name it the same thing (eg pois.csv and pois.bmp)?

welcome / questions

Favorites will show on the map, but I don't think there's any way to have the custom POIs show on your nuvi.

To find nearby custom POIs, you can look under Where to > Extras > Custom POIs. The fifty closest are displayed in order by distance from your current location.

Custom bitmaps -- you have it right. Put them in the same folders with the CSV file and make sure they have the same name. Then start POI Loader, and it should transfer to your GPS along with the locations.