New to your site...


Hi. Thanks for creating this place. I found it because I just got a Nuvi 360 and wanted to find out about POIs. I found much, much more than that here.

Your discussion threads are wonderful. Much needed. And much appreciated. I had some specific Garmin questions and posted in that forum, after reading many previous posts. Reading those posts made finding you so worthwhile.

Again, great great job. Great resource.

Thanks, we are pretty

Thanks, we are pretty excited about what is happening here at the POI Factory. We wanted to build a community for GPS users and what we got is so much more then I ever expected.

Yes this is a great place to get info on GPS but there is also so much more going on that I was not anticipating.

I love the friendships that I am building here and I like to see the other friendships that you guys are building with each other. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of.

I can't help but love this place and the people in it.

Miss Poi

New to the site

If I may be so bold... or lazy to piggy back AncientSpirit's posting - I too, am new to the site. I decided to join after spending a number of hours reading the posts and decided that this was a very friendly and informative community. One that I would like to be a part of.

DO I have questions? Oh yeah! But I’ll post them where they are appropriate.

Do I have anything to offer? aaaaahhh? Probably not. At least not off the top of my head. But it won't keep me from thinking of something.

Just Glad to be here.
Sorry for butting in on you AncientSpirit

Now the only answer that I have found Above the sky or below the ground Is that there are no answers There never were any answers There will never will be any answers And as Gertrude Stein once said, "That's the answer!"

lol. Not a worry. I'm sure

lol. Not a worry.

I'm sure that, pretty soon, you'll be answering questions for me in the other forums.

And like you, I have plenty. smile