Does a POI file always have 4 columns?


Does a POI file always have 4 columns? I have a dataset of 2300+ waterfalls in the USA I would like to contribute but I only have three columns of data lat,lon,name. I guess if 4 columns are required the fourth column could be country. I don't currently own a GPS unit so I am interested in advice because I would like to get one soon.


Short answer: the 4th column is optional.

Garmin CSV files can have either 3 or 4 columns:

column 1 = longitude
column 2 = latitude
column 3 = name (shown on the GPS in the POI listing)
column 4 (optional) = additional note that you can see by by looking inside the POI detail screen.

Is your waterfalls file it the same as the one we have at this page?

Please have a look before uploading the new file.