Newbie question about Garmin 650


Hello, everyone. I was just wondering if the Nuvi 650 (my first GPS unit) displays POIs on the map while navigating. I can only seem to go to the "Where To?" section and look at the POIS this way (names of the restaraunts that I must scroll through). I am able to pick a restaurant for instance, and get directions to it, but I am unable to see all the restaurants in the area on the map.

I'm sorry for the bad description, but at the moment, I am getting familiar with the device. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You can find a lot on this

You can find a lot on this site about this subject, but in short, you have to be zoomed in at a particular level and it varies from unit to unit.

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If you imported icons with

If you imported icons with your custom POIs, and as long as the filename for the icon is exactly the same as the filename for the POI file, then yes. However, you have to be zoomed all the way in to the first or second zoom level for the map to display them.

If you are talking about the pre-loaded POIs, then icons are already chosen by the Nuvi, but again, you have to be zoomed in to see them.

Also, if you are in a route, then often times the auto zoom will not let you zoom in enough to see them. If you are not in a route, you can zoom in and it will stay at that level (for the most part).

AF is right...

The map zoom level will determine of the POI icons are visible or not. I have the 650 and at zoom level 500ft or closer, I'll see the icons on the map. HOWEVER, at that zoom level, you won't see any text, there just isn't enough room.

You will see the text for your "Favorites" which is a different list of locations from the custom POI we have here or the built-in POI from Garmin.


I want to thank everyone for

I want to thank everyone for their help. I appreciate the willingness of everyone to lend a hand. Again, my sincerest thanks.