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Hello, first I would like I say I have a Garmin Streetpilot C580 and I'm really satisfied with this unit, it has really helped me navigate around Jacksonville, Florida for my new home. I'm required to do home visits and it has helped me to get around to many of the houses. Garmin also has been helpful, they replaced my unit once I told them I had a problem.

But anyways, I want to buy a garmin for a family member. I have a streetpilot c580, I wanted to buy something for $350 and under. I was looking at getting the c580 also but I was wondering is there a nuvi out that has maybe more features or is more updated for around the same price? What do you recommend? Thanks and God Bless.

price isn't everything!

Even taken with a grain of salt, a pro's (it's not me!) opinion should be considered:

“There is always a solution; the only challenge is to find the best one”

Hey thanks a lot, and thanks

Hey thanks a lot, and thanks for the quick response. I posted this in the wrong forum, can the moderator please move this topic to the garmin talk forum? Thanks again nuvi for the link.

I think I'm going to get the

I think I'm going to get the garmin c580, probably the best thing now for the money, thanks everyone for your help. God Bless


Keep a close eye on the sales. I picked up a Nuvi 650 for my wife. Costco has it on sale for $299 and Best Buy has it for $539. After all, it is the holiday shopping eason.

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Okay thanks I was thinking

Okay thanks I was thinking about the 650, but I want the bluetooth feature. Thanks and God Bless

Nüvi 350/360

I'd consider Nüvi 350, or 360 if you need Bluetooth. I've been so pleased with the value of a Nüvi 350 that I've sent one for my ex.

Okay, that's not quite true. My kids saw my Nüvi 350, knew their mother wanted a GPSr, and got their resources together. I pitched in a little so they can get one for her, and had one shipped to her ($350 at So it's actually my gift to my kids and NOT my gift to her.

Anyhow, here's my reason for the 350. It had everything I needed and nothing I didn't (I have Bluetooth built into my car). I'm not pleased with the sound quality of the Nüvi for a phone use, but that's just my personal take.

If I were buying for myself, though, I'd probably splurge an extra $100 and get a 750, just so I wouldn't have to deal with the flip-out antenna. The lack of north arrow isn't a problem for me since I have a compass in my car.

Bottom line: take all of our thoughts here and make the best decision that fits the needs of your recipient. There's a reason we have more than one model in the market.

nüvi 750 & 760

Nuvi 360 is only $315

This should be the best for that price

Only thanks everyone for

Only thanks everyone for your responses, I thnk I'm going with the streetpilot c580, I really like the MSN Direct feature, and the c580 has been working great for me. Thanks again for your responses and God Bless.