ETA extremely over-estimated


I was traveling on a trip home and was 360 miles away when I had the GPS calculate the route home. The initial ETA was 7 hours and 15 minutes away and I ended up making it home in 5 hours and 30 minutes (an hour and a half earlier than expected) I was never traveling more than 5 mph over the speed limit and stayed on the same route the whole way.

I'm just curious if anyone else has had this happen, where the GPS unit grossly overstates the ETA information....I don't see how going 5 MPH above the speed limit was the sole reason for shaving off almost 2 hours of a 7 hour trip.

Any thoughts?.....


I have read a lot of comments on the forums about eta on their units and most was on the negative.Most of the time I never even paid that much attention to the eta on my c340 but after reading on the forums about it I had to check it out.I drove to FL from VA and have taken a lot or short trips while in FL and can truly say that my unit was pretty much on the mark.My wife and I both wondered how Jill done such a good job on ETA.

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Just a couple ....

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Make sure the time zone correct and you have corrected for daylight saving etc.


That was a good thought.

tiffany wrote:

Make sure the time zone correct and you have corrected for daylight saving etc.

Yeah, I have never had any real huge gaps between eta and real time. Let me restate that, I have, but that is cause I am going WAY faster then it expected me too.

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Works great for me!

Just returned from a trip from Seattle to Whistler, BC and mine was very accurate! It is also always right on during my 6 minute daily commute. smile

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I noticed on an 8 hour trip home one time that I pulled up to my garage within one minute of the time it told me then I started (that was on my 2610). I was pretty impressed. I think on longer trips it may run it a little high to adjust for gas stops etc.

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I suppose that could have

I suppose that could have been part of my problem....I normally use the GPS for shorter trips (3 hours or less), this was the first time I had used it for anything above 150 miles.


I just checked mine on the way home, just out of curosity, i was over 150 miles out from the house, following her directions, she missed the house by 3 minutes, Hadnt tried it after she set course and then i go my own way, will have to try it next time.

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Whoa boy

Whoa boy ya'll shud try a big truck across country. it really does not do too bad, but these units are made for automobiles. there are someplaces where i "techanically" only drive 55 when ya'll can do as much as 70.

Types of Roads

I have noticed that the type of roads I drive on make a difference. On the interstates, the estimated time is very accurate. But when I do a lot of driving on the state highways here in Texas, the ETA is way off. It seems to estimate the driving speed on these roads as 50-55 mph, when in reality, many of them are 70 mph

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Estimated Travel Time

My 350 usually underestimates travel time.
However I am in a city where traffic is unpredictable, so I don't expect mush better accuracy.

Estimated travel time

Our nuvi 350 is pretty accurate. My wife left on a 7 hour trip, after two 30 minute stops she arrived in 8 hours.

As in all areas

you shouldn't confuse Speed driven and Speed Limit.
I typically drive 4-5 mph over the speed limit(I'm not a certified NASCAR driver) and most times I feel like I'm driving 20 mph below the speed limit with the way most vehicles go by me.
I wonder what would happen if they got a front tire blowout !
Anyway, back to the subject - I find the ETA calculator on my GPSr's to be amazing in estimating my time of arrival. It continually updates as I go along and is a VERY USEFUL tool.

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Agree with the eta

I also find the ETA useful.

I also do 4-5 over and feel like I'm doing 20 mph below when a big rig flies by...and I also wonder...which of the 18 will blow.

I give you kudos for only 4-5 over in your rig.

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I drive around 100m a day going to and from work and I will beat the eta by a few minutes each way and I always do the speed limit........(my nose is growing) well some times I think of doing the speed limit.....but I will keep it around 10mph of the limit.



My eta during my 30-mile morning commute is not too bad unless I use the interstate. The traffic is so bad and unpredictable here in Phoenix that the eta is off if I try and get on the interstate.

On a recent trip to LA, the eta was right on the money. It even adjusted the eta during a brief stint driving 90-95 mph.

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