Why duplicate text occurs using GPS Babel to convert kml to gpx?


I am trying to convert a Google Earth placemark I have created and which has over 250 POIs, most of which have fairly lengthy text, to a gpx file to load into my Nuvi 650.

I used Mac versions of GPS Babel a create the gpx file and the Mac version of Garming POI loader to send it to the GPSr.

I converted the kml using the GPX XML output option.

Everything seems to work great with the exception that the text is duplicated for each POI.

Looking at the gpx script with TextEdit, I see that the text is indeed duplicated, the first time as and the second as .

Is there any way to stop this from happening, or do I have to delete the duplicated text one POI at at time before loading it into the GPSr with POI Loader?

Nuvi 650 (SW 4.30; GPS SW 3.00) , GPSmap 60CSx (SW 3.50; GPS SW 3.00), GPS III Plus