Uploading POI files to the site?


I created a POI file for B of A ATMs in California in csv format and it loads to my nuvi 660. I tried to upload it here a couple of times and it hasn't shown up... Am I doing something wrong or is it a seniority thing? I only joined 5 days ago...

It not a seniority thing ...

we just don't like ya! Just kidding ... seriously, Miss POI and Jon do a ton of work on the site and get lots of e-mails and postings that they need to 'clear' prior to them going online - I'm sure they just haven't gotten to it yet. Be patient ... I'm sure you'll see it soon.

That's fine. It's not a

That's fine. It's not a rush at all. I had fun making a POI file and thought I'd share. I didn't realize that there was a clearance procedure. Who da thunk?

If you didn't like me you'd have ignored me. smile

Poi File proccess

When a POI File is submitted into the Factory it goes into the Moderation hopper and is checked for errors and format issues before it is published to the site. I will be looking at files over the next half hour and clear out all the new ones.

Miss Poi


I didn't realize the amount of work you put into this!

The number of POI file you need to review and clear out is impressive!