Magellan 2200T POI files


I have a Magellan 2200T.

I have been fooling with the POI files. I have successfully loaded a number of files, but it seems I can only have one enhanced POI file open at a time in the unit.

Is that correct, and does Garmin have that limitation?

My impression is that Magellan is much more limited than the Garmin units, and I am thinking of getting a Nuvi 650 to replace the Magellan, and to get better POI file support.

What limitations if any does the Garmin unit have as compared to the Magellan?

POI files combined.

Yes you can only have one enhanced file at a time. But try building a POI file by region that includes a spectrum of the places you want to locate- up to 10 different categories can be used in a POI file, so you could have e.i Fuel, Hotel, Restaurants, Coffee Shops. etc. Play around with it. The 2200T/Crossover is a smaller unit memory storage wise with a lower number of standard POIs than many others. If you want everything on the dash, you'll have to apy the price. Also store your Enhanced POIs on an SD Card, not in the internal memory. The unit might run faster and be less prone to freeze ups. And be PREPARED to figure things out for yourself or look for answers on forums like these, because Mags definition of customer support is undefined

SD Card

I was not able to load POI files on my 2200T from the SD card. It didn't seem to be able to see them. They were there when I loaded them with the Magellan POI file editor, however.

As to categories in one file, I have been trying to figure out the file structure of the excel file to load into the Magellan editor, but I haven't been able to find any docs on the file structure.

Can you share anything about that?

POI Building

Glad to share but heading south tomorrow morning. Let me get settled in out of the snow next week and I'll put something together and post it

Check the other threads in this section for file structure info

Among other places in this site, there is a discussion of the file structure in the thread " Magellan 2200t POI Manager doesn't see the POI files.