Magellan Crossover - Should I?


I've been looking at and have used a borrowed Garmin Nuvi 200. Easy to use, pretty accurate, a really nice, no non-sense unit all around. Up until this morning I was set on buying one. But it doesn't have the ability to route, at least not easily. It also doesn't have a good off road capability. We're day hikers and that would be a nice to have item. To get the routing in Garmin, it costs a lot more money. To get decent off road with Garmin, I'd have to go a to hand held. Not a good option for the few times a year I'd really want it.

So, today I see the Magellan Crossover. It does trip routing. It has topo maps with cookie trails. It has an Exit POI feature which is huge for us on cross country trips. We gotta know what food and gas stations are available! This is half the reason we want a GPS unit. The Next Exit book is nice but only covers Interstates. The custom POIs look just as easy to add as the Garmins. gives it a pretty high rating, on the same level as the Nuvi 200. And it's only about $100 more than the Nuvi 200 on Amazon. Well worth the addtional features and ones that I can actually use!

So, why should or shouldn't I buy the Crossover? From what I read here map updates with Magellan are nothing short of a nightmare. And C/S is mostly non-existent. Are these enough of an issue that I should drop Magellan from consideration? Any guidance or thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Chuck - Nuvi 200, Nuvi 255W

Crossover Rec

I have one for a couple of months and although I generally like it I would be hesitant to rec it unless you need the multi purpose aspect. The learning curve is steep and you won't get much support - none- from Mag. That said it routes just OK and has nice interface, but it is easy to freeze it up if you try too many entries in trip planner. When it does freeze it usually just resets itself, but the last time it did this- last night- It also reset tohe power saver function to "never turn off" and my batt was dead this morn and it takes a couple hours on the power before it will even turn back on. So spend a few more bucks and get a unit with more capacity- Garmin or maybe Mag, if you're a bit of a masochist